Sunday, June 15, 2014

Wild Things Tactical Anorak

The Japanese might have dubious fashion ideas but you can depend on them to take great photographs.
 On one of my many google image searches I came across a jacket I didn't recognize. Turns out Wild Things has been busy and made some garments for export that aren't available on their US site. This wouldn't be the first time the Japanese taunt us with cool American made goods that we can't even buy (COUGH, Filson) and it looks like they have made some collaborations with other companies for some fun, less technical items.

But back to the subject at hand:
Pull-over rainshells are fairly rare in the US so I usually take notice when they pop up overseas. eVent membrane with a tough face fabric is also quite rare, so when the three come together in one spot I sit up and take notes. I've been very impressed with my WT tactical hardshell (the first gen version) so I am a little biased toward products by these guys.
What do I like about it? Gorgeous arm pockets are always a plus, the fabric story as I already mentioned is second to none, and the pullover factor might be just a novelty but still cool in my book. It also looks like they replaced the obnoxious hood adjuster tabs with traditional cordlocks (one of my few complaints about the Hardshell 1.0). I also think the integrated flap over the arm pocket zipper is a better design then on the 2nd gen american market hardshell. Also one of perhaps three eVent jackets on earth available in Multicam:

What do I think is silly? The gap between the front opening and the pocket. Biggest mistake you can make with a pullover, it should either have a low hand pocket and a deep front opening for ventilation and easier donning and doffing, or it should have a short zipper and a high front pocket to clear a pack belt or harness. Any gap is essentially wasted space that gains you nothing, good examples are Kifaru's discontinued packlock praka (low pocket, deep zipper) and the TAD anorak (short zipper, high pocket).

Of course all this is moot since I'm fresh out of Yen.

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