Wednesday, April 30, 2014

eBay find: CADPAT Kifaru express

Despite Kifaru's fairly reasonable rates on custom work there relatively few one-offs floating around, which made finding this pack all the more exciting:

With matching side pouches no less.


  1. The good old days when Kifaru still did custom if you provided the materials.

    Mel told me that they did a run of 300 EMRs in AR and 300 EMRs in TW for a certain unit. The goofiest part of it was that they had to account for every scrap. Half a roll I can fathom. Tiny slivers and corner pieces the size of a cookie? What the heck is anyone going to make out of that?

    1. I'm really starting to believe that nearly all of these companies move from custom, to semi-custom, to non-custom. Seems to be the case with a lot of places, one of the tragedies of scale.
      The circle of life rolls on though, and every time a company ceases custom work a new little guy seems to pop up to pick up the work (until they themselves scale of course).

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