Thursday, May 15, 2014

Chinese cargo pocket

The chinese have managed to design something innovative while trying to knock off American tactical pants. While browsing eBay for some Kyptek clothing (I have yet to try any out) I found a pair of pants from China with this pocket:
At first I thought it was just a gimmicky feature to lure in highschoolers with large airsoft budgets, but the more I looked at it the more impressed I was. I have mixed feelings about cargo pockets in general but one of my main complaints is loosing small things in the corners. This design creates a lot of usable space for large items (watch caps, gloves, notepads), but the bottom of the pocket is much smaller, meaning that small items will congregate to the front of the cargo pocket for easy retrieval.
Another cool feature is that the dual gussets are set in the middle of the pocket rather then the edges, which cuts down on snag potential (a small beef I have with TAD and Riggs cargo pants).

Unfortunately the inseam selection means that these pants aren't on my shopping list, unless I decide I really need a pair of Mandrake cargo shorts.

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