Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Sweater Quest: Norse edition

Some family friends introduced me to Scandinavian sweaters several years ago (the same ones that introduced me to Swanndri, expensive friends to have) and I've been on the lookout ever since. I've scored two Dale of Norway sweaters in the last few years, one with their Gore Windstopper liner and one without, but because of the wide range of patterns and sizing discrepancies I haven't found my perfect one yet. I thought I'd post some of my best Norse sweater finds, most are from eBay, and many of them are Dale of Norway but there are several other brands mixed in. The line between ugly and awesome is quite thin in this case.

I've found I quite like the deep placket on a lot of these sweater for putting on over hats as well as tucking scarves into. I also think the pewter clasps are way more interesting then buttons (which I've never really liked on sweaters) but I still feel some draw to the henley pattern. In case you couldn't tell I also like the contrasting yoke that may of these have, as well as the short stand collar.

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