Monday, May 19, 2014

eBay find: REI backpack

I found several things interesting about this pack:

1) The color scheme (obviously)

2) The compression straps reach all the way around the front of the pack and are routed through what appear to be 4-way plastic webbing slots. This means you can lash stuff any which way on the front of the pack but you have to use the side compression straps to do so. The usual arrangement for front compression is to be independent of the side straps (osprey, granite gear) or to open in the middle, rather then the sides (Hill People Gear, Mystery Ranch).

3) The front compression straps adjust at both the bottom and top, but are independent from the lid.

4) the inward facing d-rings off the webbing slots. If 4 directions of webbing isn't enough mounting options it's time for some bungee cord!

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